March 17, Saint Patrick’s Day, leprechauns day. celebrate leprechaun Day by watching 1993,
an original horror and comedy-thriller, the 83, Movie is based on a man returning to his home in North Dakota from a trip to his native Ireland, where he stole the pot of gold from a leprechaun. After burying the gold the man discovers that the evil leprechaun has followed him home and murdered his wife. The man somehow tricks the leprechaun into a crate. using a four-leaf clover the man suppresses the leprechaun’s powers leaving the leprechaun trapped and helpless, with the ill intentions of burning the leprechaun the man suffers a stroke. the story picks up a decade later where a man and his teenage daughter rent the farmhouse for the summer. Contract workers and his 10-year-old brother and their dimwitted friend help the man re-paint the farmhouse. the plot begins when’s the 10-year-old boy hears the leprechauns’ cry.LEPRECHAUN only 4 movies left! LEPRECHAUN the horror-comedy LEPRECHAUN luck of the Irish find your POT of gold, only 4 POT’S left

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