my Black Friday deal pick of today

I have had satellite and I had cable neither one compared to Roku. with both satellite and cable you pay a high dollar bill for a little program mostly watching stuff that you really don’t care for, with satellite relies on Clear Blue Sky first sign of a storm you lose connection with cable you are limited to a very short variety, with Roku the only downfall that I know no of that it relies on the internet. the typical American household has internet so that makes an idea for the home. unlike satellite will you have to pay a high dollar bill in order to watch the program that you want to watch, with Roku you get programs like Hulu, Netflix, and many many more. Hulu, Netflix combined along with a few other paid programs that Is way cheaper than a satellite and cable, Roku cars with a bunch of other free programs like crackle for instance. plus those that are highly into old-timey Western and sports you can find those there as well + mini mini more programs. With Roku, you only pay the one price at the retailer for the control box then after that any additional programs such as Netflix Hulu, or Redbox, and any other pay programs you will have to pay for a month but that’s still way cheaper than satellite. for those that are more interested in exotic programs, I was told that you can find the Playboy channel as well. Roku to me is the next best thing 

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